A Framework for Action
Building the world we want through holding leaders accountable for their promises
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What we believe in

Accountability is at the heart of Democracy


Our Commitment

AAccountability is made up of people who strongly believe that there is no place for a culture of cynicism and inaction given the challenges the world faces. Leaders at every level of society continue to make promises about making the world better: AAccountability is a project that looks at ways to do just that.

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The Name

That Extra A?

What does the extra A in AAccountability stand for? It stands for many things:
- Action for Accountability. Because we need to take action.
- Advocacy for Accountability. Because we need to be speaking to decisionmakers, constantly.
- AI for Accountability. Because we're working on ensuring that we don't forget accountability in the rush to build new AI tools.

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Accountability in Practice: The Example of Tuberculosis
Nov 9, 2023

Here, we take a brief look at accountability through the lens of the fight against tuberculosis: what is in place and, importantly, how it came to be. Being clear on your goals and knowing what tools you need to help achieve them is important, but if those tools don’t exist - for example, if accountability is lacking - then you need to know how to build them. This post looks at how the TB community has built some very useful accountability tools.

An Accountability Framework
Oct 20, 2023

Accountability is a word that encompasses a broad set of activities and processes that align around 'holding power to account'. In this article, we unpack the elements of the accountability framework we use at AAccountability to help create change.