Our People

The Team at AAccountability

Felipe Benites Cabral, Co-founder

Felipe Benites Cabral


Passionate about leveraging technology to drive societal change, Felipe has over 13 years of startup experience, with a strong track record of successful product development and launch. He's led teams to deliver innovative solutions that elevate brands and drive business growth.

One of his proudest achievements is the development of Serenata.ai, an open project that uses data science to monitor public spending and share information in an accessible way for everyone. He is deeply involved in the digital transformation of non-profit organizations, helping them leverage open data to maximize their impact.

Aaron oxley, Co-founder.

Aaron Oxley


Aaron's professional career has been centred around the accountability cycle: winning commitments from decisionmakers, urging them to take action, ensuring monitoring takes place, and driving home accountability through review mechanisms.

He has a strong belief that everyone can be involved in accountability work: in fact, accountability works better the more people are involved. It's a fundamental component of democracy - in fact, democracy is the form of governance that has the most effective and highest levels of political accountability we've achieved to date.